Success Stories

If you join the family at CrossFit Strength Within, we take your membership seriously. And we firmly believe that we’re successful when you’re successful.

One of the things we love to do at CrossFit Strength Within is… celebrate!

Our members come to our gym for a number of reasons. They want to lose fat. They hope to gain muscle mass. They want to ready themselves for the summer season. They want to train for a specific sport. But, ultimately, they want to live longer, happier and healthier lives. In our experience we have found that no two members are alike.

Different goals, different strategies for reaching those goals, and different outcomes along the way. We meet you where you are, and celebrate as you get to where you’re going.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our member success stories below.

Celine Treamer

3 years doing crossfit School Teacher

My story starts at the end of the summer of 2014, where I gain 20 lbs over the summer. I joined a boot camp program but still struggled to take the weight off. After Christmas, I changed what I ate and started to lose a little weight. The picture on the left is March 28, 2015. In May, I decided I was no longer being pushed in boot camp and I started my summer job and left the boot camp to focus on work. Then, I went on a cruise in June and 5 lbs went on in no time. End of June I decided to join Crossfit Strength Within and really put my all into the workouts. Zac helped to motivate and push me to obtain physical fitness I did not know I could reach. When I first started at Strength Within I did not want to touch a barbell, let alone a heavy one. I never thought I would be able to lift weights and now it seems as though every week I am reaching a new personal records. Once I started to see success in the exercise programming I worked with Zac to change my diet to clean eating. In my two years at Strength Within I have lost 50 pounds and gained lean muscle. I have also competed in five Crossfit competitions and placed second in my most recent competition. Aside from all the physical accomplishments I have gained a group of friends I know I can always count on, and have built self confidence.

Celine Treamer

Henry Diaz

1 years doing crossfit Regional Director

I started doing CrossFit less than a year ago, and people noticed a change within weeks of me starting. I never thought I’d be the person who would be happy with the way I look, I learned to eat better and I have the energy to keep up with my toddlers and more. I’ve never felt so healthy in my life. This has been life-changing for me, my kids appreciate it and they even exercise with me. My only regret is not having tried it sooner.

Henry Diaz

Phil Martinez

2 years doing crossfit EKG Tech/National Guard

CrossFit came into my life after struggling heavily with weight gain. I have always been athletic and fit growing up as I played many sports and joined the armed forces at a young age. After failing my first weigh-in and Army physical fitness test in many years I knew it was time for a change. I reached 225lbs and never did I think I would be so overweight. Trying different weight-loss routines on my own I was not getting results and almost gave up. I came across CrossFit Strength Within searching over the internet for a local gym with great ratings. My journey began with the Cross-camp class as group exercising with a coach was all new to me. I had no idea what CrossFit was or how to even start. From Day 1, I felt the change, the shock to my body and knew this was what I needed. Coach Zac and the other members made me feel like I belonged; like part of a community. My first workout was rough, I was definitely not the first one done, but to know others were there cheering you on as we struggled together was motivating. To make a long story short I lost 50 lbs. in my first 4 months of Cross camp, passed my weigh-in without any worries, and scored 95 percent or higher in each of my three annual fitness events. I haven’t seen those numbers since I first joined the military at 18 years old. Three months later I changed from Cross camp to CrossFit, which like many others I feared the barbell, heavy weight and mostly of all I hated squats with a passion. Today I feel fitter than ever, stronger than ever and fearless at the age of 35. CrossFit not only changed me physically, but it also changed my mental game on how to attack workouts and not let them get in your head. I pass this word to everyone who asks “how did I get fit”, invest in your health and invest in fitness. The time and effort you put in will be the results you get out.
-Phil Martinez

Phil Martinez

LeAnne Gallick

1 years doing crossfit School Teacher

I started at CrossFit Strength Within mid-September 2016 at 44 years old and weighing a crazy 317 pounds. My doctor had started talking gastric bypass, and I was mortified and so depressed I had let my weight get so out of control. I decided to give CFSW a try as I knew Coach Zac from another box, and also knew a few people who worked out with him. I wasn’t new to CrossFit, but had been away for over a year and gained back more weight than I had lost. Contacting Zac was the best decision I’ve ever made. Six months later, I am down 63 pounds and healthier and stronger than ever before. Zac is an awesome coach who really listens to his athletes and balances their wants with what he knows they need – be it putting extra weight on the bar, pushing for extra reps, or letting them know they need some time to rest and recover. All the people I work out with are so encouraging and fun. They have made this sometimes difficult journey amazing. And my doctor? He is beyond thrilled with my progress… No more talk of gastric bypass. We now use that time to look at my CrossFit pictures and videos 🙂 I no longer have high blood pressure (I was on two blood pressure meds) and I have an incredible resting heart rate of 57, down from always being in the high 80s. Change is hard. Really hard. But with the right coach and the right people supporting you change is very possible.

LeAnne Gallick


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